Biotechnology can be defined as all methods that used to obtain a new modified organisms (plant, animal or microorganism) using all or part of an organism, or to change genetic structure of existing organisms in the desired direction.

In the future, the age will be Biotechnology age in many areas and this technology will be applied to agriculture increasing manner.

The main research fields of Faculty of Agriculture are manipulation of various biological factors and biological inputs in agriculture, and breeding of especially livestocks and cultural plants according to changing environment and market conditions. The execution of these researches with traditional breeding methods always maintains the validity in a certain level but breeding of genotypes with developing and changing modern technologies is inevitable. Basically, the aim of Agricultural Biotechnology is provide adequate and balanced nutrition supply for rapidly growing world population. Agricultural Biotechnology covers applications that are achieved in laboratory conditions such as the culture of cell, embryo and organs belong to plants and animals, investigation of their genetic structure, gene sequencing, detecting new genotypes, and the usage of these information in traditional breeding studies, or production of transgenic genotypes with direct gene transfer, investigation of enzyme producing microorganisms that are used in wide range of industry like food, fertilizer, textile, detergent and their genetic identification, genetic modification in order to improve their efficiency.